Morgan Hill Preschool Academy
Ages 2 yrs. Through 6 yrs.

The owners of Morgan Hill Preschool Academy are Roger and Carla Ames.

Carla has been caring for children for
over 30 years. While raising their own children they   
found it extremely difficult to find good child care, dependable providers with good   
communication skills and well rounded academic programs. Thus began their quest to
develop a caring, safe and comprehensive program of their own. After ten years of
running a family child care out of her home, Carla completed the course work necessary
to establish their own independent preschool program. They were able to purchase their
first Child Care Center in Morgan Hill in 1999.  Roger handles building, maintenance,
accounting and community issues while Carla focuses on the teachers and the children.
Together they provide a service to parents and children that they take pride in. They
have always taken great care to employ excellent staff members, all of whom are trained
in CPR and have the educational qualifications essential to working with young children.
The atmosphere generated at the school is always warm, thoughtful and positive. Which
reflects their genuine respect and concern for the children they care for, the families they
serve, and the teachers who work with them.
Morgan Hill Preschool Academy
17780 Monterey Rd.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00pm  
                    Morgan Hill Preschool Academy is licensed by the State of California
                      and meets all of its health, safety and staffing requirements.
Morgan Hill Preschool Academy
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